Cami Galofre is a Colombian contemporary visual artist based in Denver, CO.


Galofre grew up Quito, Ecuador surrounded by beautiful Andean habitats and then spent her undergraduate years exploring American West where she fell in love with the landscape. She holds a BA in Studio Art and Environmental Science from Colorado College (2013) and a MFA from Arizona State University (2018). With a national and international exhibition record, Galofre is currently lives in Colorado, while teaching at the Community College of Denver, the Denver Art Museum, and el Museo de las Americas. 

"As a woman and artist rooted in my Latin American heritage, I explore Magical Realism as a visual concept."

Galofre paints the transformational landscape to reflect the way she experiences it, demonstrating a panorama intimately linked to human existence and highlighting our responsibility to preserve it. By looking at the evolved definitions of landscape art, she questions the way we interact with the natural world and art alike and presents a contemporary look at Romantic aesthetics through an abstracted impulse that is reactionary and affective.

From mountains to deserts, to beaches and things remote, she embraces the subliminal forces of nature and the utopian implications of the unexplored. Responding to the land, ocean, and sky as energies that move between solid and fluid, danger and delight, the cultural and the natural, Galofre describes spaces of uncontrolled transformation. Her metaphorical and physical work evokes sentiments of transcendence, encourages environmental empathy and ratifies new definitions of the role of landscape as cultural identifier within contemporary art.



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