"I see the landscape as a cultural identifier that stems from the collective experiences that we share in natural spaces. There is a psychological significance, a sense of home, that the places that have been, in one way or another, sacred to each of us live on in the form of memory. A phenomenon familiar to the poetry of abstraction – as details fade, something more essential begins to take form - a sort of holistic sense of total environment. The spiritual sort of impermanence and uncontrolled transformation you find in flowing water, or the weather."

Cami Galofre is a Colombian contemporary visual artist based in Denver, CO.


Galofre grew up Quito, Ecuador surrounded by beautiful Andean habitats and then spent her undergraduate years exploring American West where she fell in love with the landscape. She holds a BA in Studio Art and Environmental Science from Colorado College (2013) and a MFA from Arizona State University (2018). With a national and international exhibition record, Galofre currently lives in Colorado, while teaching at the Community College of Denver and el Museo de las Americas. 



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