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Temporary Installation in the Azores Islands

June 2017 / MiratecArts, Pico Island (Azores), Portugal

Utopia Pessoal

Flagging Tape at the  'Singing Forest'/ 100 sq. mt. 


Conceived over a period of three days during the Once Upon Water Art Residency and the 2017 Azores Fringe Festival, UTOPIA was manifested in the "Singing Forest" of MiratecArts in the magical island of Pico in the Portuguese Azores Islands.


Inspired by the diversity, interconnectedness and the synergies found on this unique island, this temporary installation uses colorful flagging tape as the drawing tool and the natural landscape as the canvas. The material and its engagement with the environment delivers a web-like composition that highlights walking paths for the daring visitor and provides otherwise unnoticed views of the intricacies of the forest it belongs to. In an effort to stimulate environmental empathy, this project builds upon ongoing considerations of environmentalism, while examining definitions landscape art and ritual within the contemporary world. Through its conceptualization, creation, and exploration, UTOPIA is a reflection on the integration of physical spaces and spiritual realms.

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