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Digital Animation / Public Art Screening

September 2018 2019 / Supernova Digital Animation Festival, Denver, CO

El Mar

Digital Animation in Collaboration with Jon Portman (Animator)



"The 14th and California screen was one of the first LED screens implemented in the Denver Theatre District, and still one of the most dynamic. Just a hop skip and jump over from the DPAC and 14th and Champa feature screens, the viewing position captures the broadest area in the hub of downtown Denver. Supernova engages this screen for the first time in 2019 to showcase artworks by Cami Galofre & Jon Portman, Hung Keung, Anabela Costa and Jelly."

In collaboration with animator Jon Portman, EL MAR is a loop animation of a painting of the same name which describes the process of creating a painting. 

A Crater That's No More

Digital Animation / Live Paintng



Starting at noon on Saturday, September 22, 2018, A CRATER THAT'S NO MORE, was screened on the corner of 14th & Arapahoe in Downtown Denver along with three boundary-pushing animation artists - Snow Yunxue Fu, Jack Wedge, and Supernova's juror Robert Seidel. 


A CRATER THAT'S NO MORE is a loop animation of a painting of the same name. As the first larger-than-life public manifestation of this piece, its contemplative and abstract nature presented a subtle and ambiguous experience to the outdoor festival.


Special thanks to Director Ivar Zeile, Denver Digerati and all the incredible sponsors for their continuing support and for allowing it all to come to life!

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