ensnared with flowers, i fall on grass

A Two-Person Exhibition with Jessica Palomo

Sensitive to our environment, we present a sublime reality

of abstracted impulses and symbolic natural structures.

Spontaneous bold gestures and fluid color fields investigate the limits of our mediums

and embrace unrestrained processes.

Though are final expressions are inherently different, 

our instincts come form the same poetic place.

January - February 2019 / Eric Fischl Gallery, Phoenix

Ensnared with Flowers, I Fall on Grass by Cami Galofre & Jessica Palomo

Collaborative Mural - House Paint & Graphite


Luscious Clusters of the Vine by Jessica Palomo

Installation - Graphite, Wall Paint & Yupo Paper 


Painting Series by Cami Galofre

Oil on Panel


La Cascada & La Nube by Cami Galofre

Oil on Canvas 


Series of Drawings by Jessica Palomo

Graphite on Panel


Photography: Ryan Parra